Beauty of Libra

This is a personal work requested by my lovely girlfriend ...nature addict :p So for this project, Firstly it was sketched in blender using the grease pencil, The chrysalis was sculpted and retopologize, for the tree it was modeled using the curve and converted to mesh. As for the light. A areal lamp of size 5 with a strength 1000 and a spot lamp of size 5 with a strength of 80000. CMV was used and they are ( Tomato, ground, grass, metal, apple, bark, clay, bronze, rock ). So hope you like it and as usual feedback are welcome.
Get CMV here: [ ]

Ravissen carpenen beauty of libra


Ravissen carpenen libra beauty without text
Ravissen carpenen post process


Ravissen carpenen raw image


Ravissen carpenen opengl render


Ravissen carpenen mesh


Ravissen carpenen mushroom test render merge